Travel Agency


Travel agency Airtour website development with unique map and tour description, incorporating parallax images and galleries within the program, as well as call-to-action buttons and dedicated sections for flight ticket sales. Home page slides with tour names and buttons, Promo pages with filtering options, Visa information pages and contact form were implemented.

Joint work in conjunction with communications agency Word Of Mouth Labs on developing the strategy of online presence for Airtour: from website management to social media content, including launch and support of advertising campaigns on Facebook and mass media, running contests and auctions, monitoring the audience, supplying analytic insights and reporting for both Airtour and the flight ticket selling branch

As a result of SEO works, Airtour scores high in Google search results for target market on various Latvian keywords related to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, exotic destinations and specific tours, as well as visa issuing and country information.