Baby Cradle


Baby cradles produced by LullaByKate are handmade and one of a kind: they employ an ancient Latvian tradition of a vertical spring and pay great attention to the quality of baby’s (and therefore, parents’) sleep. That’s why we needed a unique approach as well — being with LullaByKate from day one: developing a brand and business growing strategies, and diving into first marketing and communications tactics.

An attractive and responsive website was a must. Plenty of images to create the feeling and tell the story of lullabies while painting the picture of a silent bedroom (hence the slight clicks on navigation items).

Partnered with word-of-mouth marketing agency Word Of Mouth Labs, we did a complex work of adding content and monitoring social media for the relevant audience in order to engage it.

Language switcher was also implemented to allow LullaByKate to work on global markets.